In September 2018 Ignite Church will celebrate our fifth birthday, and over the last five years we’ve tried to host some sort of Easter celebration. For those of you that we around in our first year, you might remember waking up on Good Friday morning with Easter Eggs hanging on your door handle or your front gate.

As things got a bit bigger, we had to be more organised and in 2017 we had hundreds of people join in with our Egg Hunt and Wacky Races on Boultham Park. We had a few parents who’s children were lactose intolerant contact us before the day, so we were able to get some plastic hollow eggs which we filled with Haribo.

With our Church expanding into new areas and estates – which include Passion, or Youth focussed Church in The Showroom on Tritton Road, and our new Church on Birchwood – we decided that a celebration on each estate would be a good idea. What’s more we were blessed to have Energize and Birchwood Big Local come alongside what we were doing which meant that we could do more with shared finances.

On Good Friday we setup our normal Easter Egg Hunt for under 10’s, whilst older young people could win larger Easter Eggs by taking part in our Wacky Races. Luke Mitchell and his team member Skye Williams from Energize ran multi-sports, and the lovely volunteers, Ruth Farningham and Yvonne Griggs, supervised the inflatable obstacle course, castle and bungee run.

We had around fifteen volunteers, between the two estates, who worked hard on the day and leading up to the big day which made way for Rev. Darren Edwards to preach the gospel to over six hundred people. On the day we prayed for loads of people to be healed, and there was a great response from the crowds.

With such a wonderful day, and people still getting in contact to say how much they enjoyed it, the question must be what’s next. Well, it would be great if we could do the same again next year with more chocolate, more games and more people. Ignite Church has a passion for sharing the good news of Jesus in our DNA, as well as starting new Churches, and with the emergence of new team members we’ll no doubt be starting more new Churches in Lincoln. So keep your eyes open for what we’ll be doing on St Giles estate in the coming months too.