July has been an great month in so many ways. The weather has been immense and football nearly came home. At Ignite Church we are excited to have started our year long internship program with four new interns, and we’d like to let you know all about them.

Our internship is a Church Leadership internship which is full on with biblical training, practical discipleship and ministry opportunities. From the very word go these guys are hit with a ministry to lead, full-on leadership training and a rota for speaking in, and leading, services. By the time the year is up each of our interns will be able to book space, setup equipment, create an atmosphere for worship, lead a service and preach… leading a whole service and some outreach beforehand to gather a crowd. Essentially, the Ignite Church interns will be able to run a small Church completely alone within the year and, for some of them, will be asked to.

Ash Robinson: Ash is married to Kerry and has two children, Josh and Amber. His favourite program is Peaky Blinders and he’s not afraid of anything because he’s double hard!! He likes to play Battleships and he is pioneering our Young Adults ministry across Lincoln. Ash will be looking to get involved with secondary schools and universities in the area to see what we can offer to the young people of Lincoln.

Grant Labrum: Grant is married to another Kerry and has six children: Caitlin, Michel, Ben, Jack, Lucy and Mason. He is afraid of spiders and plays the epic game that says no to ‘pay to win’… PUBG. Grant has already been heading up our men’s ministry for some time and has just started taking the lead on our practical poverty relief outreach, HUG. This means that he helps people by clearing gardens, decorating and generally helping in practical ways, and sharing the good news of what Jesus has done in his life.

Kerry Robinson: Kerry is married to Ash and has two children, Josh and Amber. Her favourite colour is actually pink and she likey the curry. Kerry’s favourite time of year is Spring and she will be heading up Mayhem, which is our kids work. Kerry will be looking to get into primary schools to give lessons on faith and inspire children to follow the positive lifestyle that Jesus offers.

Mark Owens: Mark has travelled all the way over from Swansea to do the internship at Ignite Church. He’s 36 years old and loves lasagne. Mark’s favourite board game is Mouse Trap and he will be heading up our prayer ministry during his internship and maybe beyond. Mark also works as a kitchen assistant which allows him to minister in the Church as a volunteer.

These guys are already really enjoying their training and being challenged, and I’m sure you will be hearing more from them during the coming months.

If you would like to be part of our internship, or would like to apply to be part of our team, check out our opportunities: www.ignitelincoln.co.uk/opportunities.