The Elim Pentecostal Church was founded by a man called George Jeffries, and his band of Evangelists, in 1915 as they travelled the UK preaching the gospel and spreading revival. As people were filled with the Holy Spirit they were sometimes estranged from their local church and needed a place to worship. With so many people becoming new followers of Jesus too, it made sense for new congregations to form. You can imagine is the hustle and bustle of those early days, where training opportunities were sparse, and they needed so many pastors and church leaders to lead these new churches, things were quite chaotic.

Ignite Elim Church has the same DNA as that early group, and seeks to plant the seed of the gospel into unreached neighbourhoods and villages across Lincolnshire, but as in those early days and throughout church history: “the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.”

With this in mind, Ignite Church is looking to train and equip leaders of all ages and levels of experience to start and lead new churches across our city, county and nation. Our church leader, Darren Edwards, is on the national team for church planting in Elim and has devised several options for those that wish to pursue ministry in Elim or training to lead or start something new in their area or ours.

Contact us for more information and application forms: 01522 681 334 & info@ignitelincoln.co.uk



Could you be the next Chav Church leader, or church planter?

It could be said that the future of church culture in the UK will be dictated by those that are raising up leaders now. With this in mind we have a six part leadership academy for those that are involved with Ignite Church in Lincoln, and our friends in the city. These training days are free to attend.


Our University Degree program is hosted by Regents Theological College in Malvern. After 3 years of studying at our bible college, you’ll receive a Degree from Chester University.

We are offering opportunities to studying whilst being in the context of ministry, so if you don’t feel that you could move your family to Malvern, you can stay in Lincoln and do ministry whilst studying one week in every five.


If you would like to start a new church in Elim you will need to attend our national church planting course. This is a two year course that consists of a weekend of training three times a year, and continual nurture and accountability from our national team.


Ignite Church is pleased to offer a chance to do a church leadership internship over the space of 8 months to two years, where you’ll be trained in theology, practical leadership and the spiritual formation of a Pentecostal minister.

This option is for those that may not be suited to academia, but would like to do ministry full- or part-time.


Our Bible School is based in The Showroom, on Tritton Road, and is open for all believers to attend. The courses aren’t light as the material is the same as that given to the students in our denomination’s first year of the Applied Theology Degree. Pastor Darren will be regurgitating the information given him during his first year of university, with the same slides and core textbooks as he was given.