Pioneer Evangelist

Rev. Darren Edwards

Darren is an Evangelist based in the East Midlands. Sharing the Gospel since 2009, he was ordained with the Elim Pentecostal Church in 2016 and now leads a group of Churches that he has pioneered with his team in Lincoln. Darren is also on the National Church Planting Team for Elim and as part of that role he travels the United Kingdom teaching on Evangelism and Church Planting.

Darren is husband to Dr Laura Edwards, who is a Clinical Psychologist within the NHS, and he has two children. Liam and Sophie are both young adults and leading in local church ministry.


 “Darren came to our church in the Welsh Valleys for a weekend of training and inspiration and it was incredible. Not only was Darren incredibly relaxed in terms of practicalities, but his teaching was invaluable and extremely helpful, both for those new to the faith and those who had been Christians for years.”

Sam Johnson (Cynon Valley Elim Church)

“Darren is unique! He has a deep passion for Jesus and for lost people. He will bless you, unsettle you, provoke you. With a proven track record of Evangelism and Church Planting in one of the most difficult areas of the UK, he has a lot to offer Churches seeking to reach out beyond their current constituency.”

Gary Gibbs (National Director of REACH, Elim’s Evangelism & Church Planting Department)



For years I wrestled with what the Gospel is because I had this idea that when I preached it people should make a commitment to follow Jesus. I tried lots of routines, even just shouting the name of Jesus at people because ‘at the name of Jesus every knee will bow’. However, after years of working out my salvation I have come up with a way of preaching the Gospel in a way that is very easy to understand, and those that have used this presentation have seen immediate fruit from it.


In 2013 we set out to start a working class Church in Lincoln. What I meant by that was that we were going to try to build a Church with a working class flavour. Our presentation on a Sunday morning, and with everything that we did during the week, would be aimed at being attractive to working class people. This training on PRESENTATION will help your team to focus your services on being missional and unchurched focused.


Pioneering new Christian communities in areas that don’t currently have an expression of Church like yours is currently the most successful way of winning the lost. In the last 6 years of ministry we have seen well over 100 people become Christians and continue to walk with the Lord through our strategy of Church Planting. Darren will inspire your team and congregation to think outside of the box.


Both inside the Church walls and outside Darren has come to realise that the PROPHETIC MINISTRY is his most fruitful way of pointing people towards Jesus. He has countless stories to share about it and tends to hold a prophetic workshop as part of his training. He can also encourage your team in preaching prophetically.


One of Jesus’ key ways of teaching and preaching was to use healing and miracles as an example and as a signpost to the good news. Darren teaches on this and raises the faith of believers to pray for the sick and bring them to a place where they can receive Jesus and experience his awesome power and presence.


Darren is well known for sharing his faith in the streets, and he is always really up for doing some quick training before heading out into the streets with your team or congregation. It would be worth chatting to Darren ahead of time in order to get some street Evangelism tools ready for this sort of training. We can also bring a bouncy castle and BBQ to aid the training.