Passion Elim Church

Ignite Church is one Church across the city, with many expressions. Passion is our Youth expression of Church. You have probably never been to a Church like this. The whole setup is focused on young people and making Church engaging for them.

We have found that making Church fun brings lots of people in, but depth keeps them. Passion has a proven track record of raising up young people to minister the gospel. This is a Church where the young people aren’t the Church of tomorrow, they are the Church of today. They don’t get involved for a special service. They are the leaders of their own Church. They baptise each other. They prophesy over each other. They administer healing to one another.

We meet for worship twice a month on Thursday evenings from 7pm. The other two Thursdays in the month we play fun games and talk about spirituality.

We also meet bi-weekly for Deeper, which is our youth cafe. Deeper is based in The Showroom and starts at 7pm on Fridays.
If you would like more information about events or joining you can email us: or you can find us on Facebook.

Passion Youth Church

  Passion Youth Church
Address: Breakthrough Centre, Boultham Park Road, LN6 7ST
Phone: 01522 681334
Service: Thursdays at 7:00PM
Doors open: Thursday at 6:30PM