Our Conference Centres

Our Breakthrough Centres are situated in close to local amenities and boast free parking, wi-fi and quality sound and lighting setups. These are quality venues that are professional and easy to navigate to, being just off the A46. 

By choosing a Breakthrough Centre for your conference you not only get to the luxury of quality facilities, but you are also helping to fund a top 30 UK charity, and two local libraries. 



  • Sanctuary: Seats up to 150, features sound, lighting & projector.
  • Cafe: Seats up to 40, features small stage, sound, lighting & projector.
  • Marvel Suite: Seats up to 25, features projector & several electrical sockets
  • UpperRoom: Seats up to 8, features sofas. Small comfy meeting room.
  • Kids Room: Seats up to 30, features sound & lighting.


  • Sanctuary: Seats up to 100, features sound, lighting & projector.
  • Cafe: Seats up to 15, features projector & sound.
  • Kids Room: Seats up to 20, features sofas, projector & lighting.


  • Sanctuaries: £25 per hour
  • Cafes: £25 per hour
  • Kids Rooms & Marvel Suite: £20 per hour
  • UpperRoom: £15 per hour
  • Sound, Lighting & Professional host: Price on Application

For booking and charity prices email: info@ignitelincoln.co.uk

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