I had an experience recently that got me questioning if as Christians are we grateful enough, and if so, do we show it enough and do we show it publicly?

It was a Thursday evening and the kids were at Passion Youth Church, so me and my wife, Kerry, had the amazing idea to go and grab some tea at the local fish and chip restaurant. Once we arrived we sat down next to a nice but stern looking couple and began to chat whilst looking through the menu.

After ordering, it was only a few minutes later and the food was with us. At this point I am starving and ready to tuck in, and as I go to pick up my knife and fork I see my wife’s outstretched hand in front of me and I know what this means… it was time to say grace.

Now our household is by no means the Waltons (The older ones amongst us will get that), but we do say grace as often as we remember, usually with whoever touches their food first taking the lead, but when it comes to grace in public I always feel a little self-conscious.

So I take my wife’s hand and she declares our thanks to God for the food we are about to receive and for all the mercies we are shown in life… BOOM! Instant lump in my throat, and as I open my eyes my Kerry is glowing as I find yet another adoration for her, because unlike me Kerry has no feeling of self-consciousness when it comes to declaring her faith publicly, unfortunately I still get a little nervous.

So, we finish grace and I glance to my right at this stern chap who then nods at me with some sort of approval while his wife looks at him with a look like “so why do we not do that?”

That moment for me was one of many faith-changing moments in my Christian walk. It challenged me to the core of my very being and I vowed from that day forward that I would praise and thank God no matter where or what the situation. He is my  Saviour and I will thank him every day for the rest of my journey, until I am face to face with him.