As we look across the landscape of our community, city and nation we can become aware that there is a significant lack of fathers. Someone recently expressed a shock at the amount of single mums in an affluent village near Lincoln, and Ignite Church believes that this is because young men are growing up without a sense of responsibility.

In fact, many young lads haven’t had a good example of manhood and the responsibility that comes with it. What’s more, there are many dads out there that don’t know those skills because their fathers weren’t around to show them it. Even those dads that have stuck around to raise their sons have no idea how to face the new and old challenges that their sons face in today’s society.

In 2018 Ignite Church have launched a new ministry called Maximise Manhood.

Maximise Manhood is a dads and lads ministry aimed at bring men together with their sons to mentor both father and son together to encourage greater responsibility, love, grace and manhood. The days are for sons that don’t have a father, and fathers that don’t have sons. The days are for fathers who want to bring their sons too. They are for grandads that have been through all seasons of life and have something to give to younger generations, and for those that are planning to one day have a son that they can raise to be a man.

This weekend Ignite Church were kindly sponsored by Halfords, Morrisons and Formula One motor centre (all on Tritton Road) to have a bonfire and beer evening, after which they went and built a rope swing at a local park.

One dad said: “This is what kids are meant to be doing!” as he swung across a lake on a tyre swing.

Maximise Manhood will continue throughout the year, with the next dads and lads day being on the Giles estate as they come together to have a BBQ. All are welcome, although you will need to contact Ignite Church for address details.

The lads are also looking forward to heading out to the lakes with the rest of the family soon to have a picnic and learn how men interact with their female counterparts as they try to build a raft of some sort to paddle i the lakes.