Valentines Day is one of our favourite times of year at Ignite Church. Each year we put together an outreach that we call the Love Attack. It basically consists of a mug that is wrapped in cellophane with some gifts inside: hot chocolate, moisturiser, hand soap and a keep sake (this year it was a heart-shaped keyring). We also gave away a large bar of Areo Chocolate with the gift.

Making up the gifts took about four hours with about ten people helping. Most of our helpers this year were the youth from Passion Youth Church. Then they came out into the streets to give them away. The way we do that is to knock on doors down two or three streets, and the first 300 people to answer the door get a Love Attack Valentines gift.

We’ve had three great stories this year that we’d love to share with you.

  1. Faith exposed: One of our young people, aged fifteen, has never told her friends that she’s a Christian and up until the Love Attack was a bit shy in putting her name down for baptism as it’s the moment that you tell the world that you love Jesus. Whilst doing the Love Attack she was asked to knock on one of her pre-Jesus friends’ door. As her friend answered the door she gave her bit of stick, but ultimately the truth was out. This young lady had now let the world know that she is a Christian. On Sunday she came to me to ask if she can be baptised at our next baptism service in March.
  2. Confidence: My own son, Liam, said that he feels a lot more confident now after having to do the talking at people’s doors instead of standing behind his old dad. There was a real funny moment where an elderly lady actually managed to get a hug out of him at the door too. Bless her, she started crying because she felt loved so much.
  3. Kingdom Growth: A leader from another Church contacted me to say that a lady had contacted him to say thanks for the gift because she thought it was his Church that had done the outreach. Apparently she was overwhelmed by the gesture and thought that it was amazing. I said recently that we don’t have a monopoly on Church and that we want to fill the other Churches in our city too. That’s what Kingdom is all about.

If you were blessed by our Love Attack and want to let us know, please feel free to contact us, or if you would like to run the Love Attack from your own Church next year and want some pointers, you can call or email us.