We live in a time of abundance when it comes to resources that our churches can use for training, ministering, and growing. What’s more, we believe in learning, and the power of the Holy Spirit working through modern literature as well as the Bible.

We currently have the ability to provide some resources using Paypal. In time we hope that we will be able to make more online shopping available too. All profits will be used in the running of our church and the work of our outreach teams.

Delivery for books is priced at £1.20

Pastor Darren’s Recommended Books

Servolution is an awesome book about how a pastor in America went out on a limb to start a new church, pushing the boundaries of faith constantly whilst seeing huge breakthroughs and miracles.

Sacred Pathways gives great insight into your own, and other people’s, spiritual life. Pastor Darren thought that he was the only Christian left until he read this book and realised that people experience God in different ways.

Courageous Leadership is a must read book for anyone who is interested in Christian leadership, whether that means leadership in church, or leadership in a secular office environment.

Slugs & Snails really helped Darren to connect to his children in a new way, specifically his Son who he now regards as his best friend thanks to this book, and some great advice along the way.

The Five Love Languages: To put it plainly, you will never be able to love your partner or your friends as much as you could if you read this book. Just thinking about the awesome impact of this book can make you emotional.





Chav Christianity

Pastor Darren’s first book is on sale for just £5.99. The book has been endorsed by some very well known Christian leaders including Matt Wilson; Dan Hargreaves; John Glass; Marijke Hoek; Lydon Bowring; and Carl Beech. This book is part of our mission to bring a working-class expression of spirituality to every housing estate in our nation, as we know that it can’t be done by us alone.

If you order the book through us, and collect it at church on a Sunday, you can have it signed by Pastor Darren with a personalised message inside. Just email us us with your order.



Getting to Know the Holy Spirit: A guide for new believers

Order your signed copy

Who is the Holy Spirit?

Can we access supernatural gifts and what are they for?

This book is for you if you desire to build a relationship with God in a very real way. it explores the Holy Spirit and who he is, as well as looking into why we need him and how we can closer to him.

"A clear and plain Pentecostal guide for new believers. I'm proud to endorse this book."

RT Kendall

"Darren has understood the secret of empowerment for all vision and ministry."

Stuart Bell: Alive Church Lincoln

"… all that read… this book will be helped to grow and love life abundantly…"

John Partington: National Leader, Assemblies of God UK

"This is not a manual full of hypothetical theories, rather a record of the faltering success of a pilgrim travelling a radical road of exciting discovery with Jesus."

David Campbell: National Leadership Team, Elim Pentecostal Church

If you order the book through us, and collect it at church on a Sunday, you can have it signed by Pastor Darren with a personalised message inside. Just email us us with your order.


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