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Moorland Community Centre

Moorland Avenue




10am - 12pm


Meeting on:

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Ignite Church has been running our Chav Church service in Moorland Community Centre since September 2013. Led by Pastor Darren, and a group of volunteers, the church has become a stabilising influence on the Moorland Estate.

The congregation on Moorland, for the most part, live on the estate, with only two families traveling in from outside of 1 mile radius.

We have several families that live on Turner Avenue, Moorland Avenue, and Westwick Avenue, and the surrounding areas. This church is a church that is led and attended by local people.

Key events during the year include our big community BBQ, that is held on The Backies (our local park). Over 500 people from the surrounding streets come along for a day of fun and free munch.

If you live in the area you will have no doubt been blessed by our LOVE ATTACK at some point over the last few years. The LOVE ATTACK is our Valentine’s outreach where we bless a couple of local streets with some smellies, choclates and a posh mug.

Another large event on Moorland, that we run, is our Easter Egg Hunt. Each year we hold an Easter Egg Hunt on Boultham Park (another of our local parks). This year we had over 500 people come out for races, egg hunts, and a chuckle with adults, teens and toddlers.