With new additions to our team and party equipment, we are now able to offer our services as a mobile disco. For the most part this comprises of a team of two who will come to your venue with light and sound equipment for your party, whether it’s for a birthday, wedding or bar mitzvah.

Our prices are fixed and all the proceeds go towards the church’s mission in Lincoln.

To book, browse our price list and then ring us to book: 01522 681334.

Basic Disco


This is our standard disco with enough lights to fill a good size venue. With this £120 you get two members of staff to setup and take down the equipment. They also control the sound system and can help you to host your party with high quality PA equipment.

Our playlists range from modern party and clubland to an 80’s or 90’s playlist with your favourite oldies.

This is for 4 hours, additional time is charged at £20 per hour.


£50 (+ £120 basic disco)

For just £50 extra, you can add our Sea Castle to your party. This is 11ftx13ft and needs a mains supply of power.

Note: this is for six under 12’s at time.

Small Bouncy Castle

UV Glow, with paint

£150 (+ £120 basic disco)

Want to be dad of the year, then order our UV Glow Party for your daughter’s sweet sixteenth this year.

This is by far one of our most popular parties, and we supply it at a minimal cost.

Note: for over 50 people it’s an extra £25 per 25 people. Still a great bargain.

Foam Party

£150 (+ £120 basic disco)

Our newest party plan consists of a foam machine that is suspended above your party, with a deluge of foam dropping into your venue.

You pay £150 for the first hour, and then £50 per hour after that.

This party is a must for any youth group, birthday or summer get together.

Bubble Machines

£50 (+ £120 basic disco)

For just £50 we suspend a couple of bubble machines above your party, and give it that extra something. This is a brilliant idea for kids parties.

Mobile Disco | Foam Party | UV Glow Party | Bubble Machines | Bouncy Castle

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£60 (+ £120 basic disco)

For just £60 extra, you can add our Avenger Slide Castle to your party. This is 15ftx17ft and needs a mains supply of power.

Note: this is for six people at a time.

Medium Castle