Lincoln is a city with a population of just under 90,000 people in the East Midlands. Originally a Roman settlement, it obviously holds a lot of history.

Well known names in the church include the activist John Wesley and his brother, who grew up in Lincolnshire.

Things that might be of interest in the city include the Lincoln Cathedral, Lincoln Castle, the University of Lincoln, and some other well known local sites, like Brayford Pool and Steep Hill.

Ignite’s mission will begin on a housing estate close to the city centre, called Moorland. For more information, please contacts us.

The River Witham

The Witham is a river that runs through Lincoln, into Boston (another city in Lincolnshire), and onto the sea. This river, along with canals, made Lincoln and Boston accessible from the sea during Roman times.

The First World War

During the First World War the very first tank was designed and built in Lincoln. There is currently a museum to commemorate this. Lincoln is steeped in military history, and still has a few army bases in action.

The Red Arrows

The world-famous Red Arrows are based and train in the Lincoln area. You may have seen them at air shows around the world, or on the TV during special events including the Jubilee.

Ignite Elim Church meets at:

Moorland Community Centre

Moorland Avenue, Lincoln, LN6 7NH

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