Laura Edwards: Kids Leader

At Ignite Church we pride ourselves on making our church services relevant and fun for all ages. We believe we have a message to communicate, and that communication should be based on the ability of the receiver. Therefore, everything that we do is aimed at people that are young in their faith.

Mayhem consists of loads of fun with a simple bible study that most people have heard of at some point in their life. We aim to bring some bible teaching and life direction to everyone on our estate from 2 years old to 92 years.

At Mayhem children get to act out their favourite bible stories, and get involved in fun and games that will shape their lives.

Children are expected to exhibit Holy Spirit gifts and characteristics. We aim to train children in the way they go, whether that’s helping with the washing up, or joining in with a missions team by fundraising for overseas missions.

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Bio: Laura is Pastor Darren’s wife, and has been studying psychology in Lincoln University. She is a mum of 2, and leads a successful life & ministry.

Favourite Movie: Die Hard

Favourite Food: Garlic Korai

Venue:     Moorland Community Centre

Day:         Sundays

Time:       10am

We also meet once a month for an event. Click here for more info, or just email:

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