The internship program at Chav Church includes the following academic modules:

Biblical Studies

Christian Doctrine

Practical Leadership

Public Speaking

For your information pack, please email:


The aim of our internship program is to raise up new leaders in the form of pastors, teachers, evangelists, youth workers, and church planters to work alongside our team in our mission to see Lincoln saved, and the gospel preached relevantly throughout the UK. At the end of our twelve month internship program you be capable, and comfortable, in the basic running of a church from day to day, and leading a worship service.

At the end of the course, if you show a willingness to serve and the basic characteristics for leadership, you will be offered the chance to join the team in Lincoln, or the chance to plant a church elsewhere, in the UK, with our help and guidance. You could even be the person to plant the next Chav Church! If however, you don’t feel that Chav Church, or church planting, is for you we will commission you with a certificate of achievement and a reference for any other position in church leadership that you might apply for.

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