As you might have already gathered by our videos and interviews with local media, our Sunday church services are slightly different to what you might find at some traditional churches. This isn’t to say that we are better than anyone else, but just that we are different.

Our Sunday services do not look the same each week, as we try to freshen things up with a relevant liturgy, sometimes putting preaching or worship to one side in order to focus our attention on what God wants from our service.

You will also notice that we aim to be authentic in our walk with God, as our preachers don’t wear suits and ties, but choose to wear the same clothes on Sunday as they do on a Monday morning.

Basically, we want the average person to be given the opportunity to meet with God in their own way, and to feel comfortable.

Sunday mornings also encompass a chance for your children to learn about God, and spirituality, in a way that is relevant to them. Our team of children’s workers is led by someone that is trained to work with children, and DBS checked.

We care as much about your child’s spiritual experience as we do about our own.

Sunday mornings will, at times, feature live music in the form of modern worship songs and some songs that you might hear on Radio1.

You can join us from 10am at Moorland Community Centre.

Radical Authentic Worship

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