The Church Warehouse is a furniture re-use project that is organised by a group of local Churches in Lincoln. We collect used furniture from around Lincoln and give it away to those that are in need.

In 2020 we were generously given the finances to buy a Luton van with a tail lift for collecting pallets of food, furniture and prescriptions for the folks that are in need in Lincoln. During the Covid pandemic in 2021 this group of Churches managed to give away half a million pounds worth of food, and we helped hundreds of families with furniture and delivering prescriptions.

One of the problems with collecting furniture was that we were often offered furniture donations but had nowhere to store them until a family needed them. This meant that we had to turn down lots of good opportunities to help folks in our community. However in 2022 we have been offered some warehouse space to store furniture to be more intentional with this project. We can now help more people with The Church Warehouse.

How does it work?

We have a step by step process:

  1. We search social media for good quality used furniture that people are giving away for free. People can also donate furniture using the button on this webpage. 
  2. We send our passionate and hardworking volunteers to collect donated furniture.
  3. In The Church Warehouse we can make some small repairs and clean the furniture.
  4. Clients can self-refer through the button on this website to request furniture.
  5. We then try to fulfil their furniture needs with what we have in The Church Warehouse.**
  6. When delivering the furniture we ask for a small donation towards the running costs of the project. This is £15 for up to five items of furniture, and £30 for six or more items.

**We cannot allow public access to The Church Warehouse, so people cannot pick items that they want. Our dedicated team pick the best furniture that matches as closely to the other furniture that we are donating but unfortunately this is not always the case. Unfortunately, clients do not have a choice of what furniture they will receive.


You can apply to volunteer at The Church Warehouse project using the form on this webpage. Drivers must be over 25 years old, and all volunteers must be able to lift furniture. 

Become a CHAMPION!

You may not be able to give your time to The Church Warehouse project, but you may still want to help in anyway that you can. We have several ideas for how you could do this and would love for you to contact us about becoming a Warehouse Champion. Just fill in this form so that we can contact you

Become a Champion