Ignite Church is currently pioneering a new style of Church in Lincoln. We are one Church with many expressions. Our Prophetic Church is very much a mystical/spiritual style of Church with an emphasis on ministry to individuals. We want to see and hear Jesus for ourselves. We have a service every Tuesday at 7pm (GMT +1). This is livestreamed onto Facebook and Youtube and you can join in by visiting us or clicking the link below.





Our Prophets are making themselves available to visit you at home, or via Zoom, to seek what God is saying over your life. These visits are totally free, and our in-person visitors are DBS checked and part of the COMPANY OF PROPHETS that we are raising up in the nations. As part of your visit we will ask you to fill in a feedback form that is used to hold our Prophets accountable. To book a visit fill in our form, or hit the Live Chat button.




As part of our Prophetic Church we have training bi-weekly. This replaces our online service, but can be joined from anywhere in world too. Essentially this is where we learn to lean into our prophetic gifting, asking the big question “where is Jesus right now?” Our aim is to spend time in God’s presence and that is all. We want to be in his throne room. You can join this meeting in our Breakthrough Centre on Boultham, or via Zoom. This is bi-weekly at 7pm on Tuesdays.


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In August 2020 we had our first ever Prophetic Lincolnshire Conference with Emma Stark and Suela Brown. It was immense and we’ve been putting what we’ve learnt into practice here in our Church gatherings. In February 2021 we’ll be hosting another Prophetic Lincolnshire Conference with a focus on the Watchman Prophet and activating the gift of prophecy in the Church.


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In 2021 we launched our Prophetic Appointments. Prophetic Lincolnshire have made it possible to invite one of our Prophets to your Church or business to speak out what they feel God is saying to your organisation. We believe God wants to bless our cities and all of the organisations in them. They will also be available to minister as part of a Church service or Prophetic Encounter. All of our Prophets are held accountable with a feedback form that we will send you upon booking. Please download our booking form and send it to:


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We get asked to visit homes regularly to engage in deliverance. Our team are available to visit you and your home if you feel that you may be oppressed or possessed by a spirit or demon. It’s easy to request a visit, just fill in the form below.







Ezekiel and Jeremiah represent the Watchman Prophet in scripture. They are protectors of God’s people, calling out what’s coming against the Church. These Prophets are often focussed more on prayer and are often mistaken for intercessors, although this is also an important part of this gifting.


Jeremiah once said that he could feel the word of bubbling up like a fire in his bones that he just couldn’t keep in. The Nabi Prophet is well known for rambling prophecies, and they are focussed around words. We have several techniques for training this gift.


The Seer Prophet is someone who sees images and visions. These Prophets are known for seeing angels and demons, but their focus is on Jesus Christ. You’ll often hear a Seer Prophet talking about the heavenly realm and the throne room of God. That’s where we want to be!







Mike Dibbens, from Prophetic Ministry UK and Eden Church in Malvern, teaches about the heart of the Prophet. 


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Watch as Darren teaches on spiritual warfare. What should we watch out for? How can we steer clear of our spiritual enemy.


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Watch as Darren teaches on spiritual warfare. What should we watch out for? How can we steer clear of our spiritual enemy.


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Watch our live Prophetic Church livestreams back incase you missed one. This is a collection of teaching on prophetic subjects for your edification and equipping.

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Begin by promoting the plan to start a new Elim Church in the community. This might look like delivering flyers, letters, or engaging in social action projects. You may find a person of peace who is for your vision and will introduce you to their network.





Begin to meet together regularly in order to discuss our launch plan and strategy to reaching the community. The plan being to reach the unchurched, the Gospel will need to be shared and responded to during this time too. Some times of prayer are required during this time too.




This is a process of getting a venue, testing your kit, and running through our attractive service. We can worship together during this time whilst also working out the kinks in our setup. We also look to connect with local authorities and other Churches & charities.




We launch with several outreach events and a Sunday evening service. Once we have a setup team in place we can move to a Sunday morning service which may be streamed in via Youtube live until we have a Pastor in place. In the meantime the Church joins in live from homes.